Race Times:

Saturday and Sunday day races:
  • Entry fee per car/class: $25.00
  • Driver Sign-in close online at 9:00 am. (all times may very due to weather)
  • Drivers Meeting begins at 11:15am
  • All cars must be sealed before first Heat Race
  • All cars must run track approved fuel 89 Octane available only at Speedway gas station 1303 N Reed Rd, Kokomo, IN 46901 at the intersection of Indiana 931 and North St. (Northwest corner).
  • Controlled rookie practice 8:00am to 10:00am
  • Competitive class practice 10:00am to 11:00am. No Rookies on track during this time.
Saturday night races:
  • Entry fee per car/class: $25.00
  • Driver Sign-in close online at 9:00 am. (all times may very due to weather)
  • Safety from 4:00pm to 5:00pm 
  • Drivers Meeting begins at 4:15pm
  • All cars must be sealed before first Heat Race.
  • All cars must run track approved fuel 89 Octane available only at Gas America located at 1641 E Sycamore Street, Kokomo, IN (Southwest corner of Indiana 931 and Sycamore St.)
  • Rookie practice 3:00pm to 4:00pm
  • Competitive class practice 4:00pm to 4:15pm. No Rookies on track during this time. Only for cars not present for morning session.

Driver and handler must be current members of USAC to race and members of KQMC to compete for championship points. Driver, handler, and car must be in compliance with USAC and KQMC safety and racing requirements to compete in events. KQMC honors all code and conducts/suspensions for all Midwest Thunder tracks/clubs. Members may practice on non-race weekends are from dawn until dusk. Fire extinguishers must be present on the track/hot chute before a driver may practice or race on the track. They are located in the shed and must be put back in the shed when completed.   

Race Format:

Pill draw determines placement for heat races. Main lineups will be determined based on the USAC passing points system. All cars are required to have 4 numbers attached to car, located front panel, each side of the tail-cone, and on the left side of the car between the front tire and cockpit. A thirty second warm up will be given before feature races only. Race time limits may vary, pausing for all red flag conditions.


Heat and features will run the following order, subject to change as needed: Red Rookie, Blue Rookie, Jr.Honda, Sr. Honda, Hvy. Honda, Lt. 160, Hvy. 160, Jr. Animal, Sr. Animal, Unr, Animal, Mod, World Formula. If needed, KQMC may combine any classes with 1 car per class. Both handlers and race director need to agree. OR driver can run 10 laps on their own to earn race points. Handler may receive a refund and no race points if they choose not to combine classes or race 10 laps.

Lap Count:
Rookies - Red & Blue: Heat 10, Lowers 15, A Main 20
Junior - Honda & Animal: Heat 15, Lowers 20, A Main 30
Senior - Honda & Animal: Heat 20, Lowers 25, A Main 40
Mod, 160, WF & AA: Heat 20, Lowers 25, A Main 40

Work Rule: A car involved in an incident will be given 5 courtesy laps after a lineup is established to complete work on car. Cars that enter the work area for anything other than repairs that would keep them from returning from the track, will not receive courtesy laps.

Track Fuel: 89 Octane obtained from Speedway gas station, located on 1303 N. Reed Rd. Kokomo, IN 46901. (Intersection of SR 931 and North St.) A sample of fuel may be obtained from the station prior to races to be used as a benchmark for fuel testing.

Tech/Tires: USAC tech and tire rule are enforced for all races. ALL classes are required to run Hoosier A35NY1 tires on the right side. Left side tires must be manufactured by Hoosier. The top 3 finishing cars in all main races will remain impounded in the tech area until released by the tech committee. Once a car has been released from tech, it is completely released. At no time is anyone able to go back and question the specifics of the car. While cars are in impound/tech area there will be NO work on any cars by any one. There is to be no one in the impound area until cars are released. If a handler needs anything off of a car in impound, they must first clear it with the Tech director. All cars that race and finish practice, heats race, lower main and A-Main must cross the scales. Driver must remain in their cars with all equipment on until passing through the scales. Failure to cross the scales result in a DQ and will start at the tail of feature or receive no points for the day.

Rainout/Rain Delay: If race is called before lower mains are finished for that class, everyone in that class will receive ten sign in points and forty race points for fifty total points. If lower mains are completed and A-Mains are set, then all drivers in the A-Main lineup, including the alternate, will get ten sign in points and forty race points for total fifty points and everyone that ran lower mains will get points according to finish. If A-Main is at least ½ way through and called for weather then race will be considered finished and all drivers will get points according to finish.

A Main Race Points
1st 50 pts
2nd 45 pts
3rd 40 pts
4th 38 pts
5th 36 pts
6th 34 pts
7th 32 pts
8th 30 pts

Points: Points awarded include sign in and feature Points.
Sign in points will be given to any car making an honest attempt to
race. The board has the right to make a decision on what is an
honest attempt. Driver and car must be present for one of the
following; practice, heat race, lower main or main to receive points.
Those that transfer from the B-Main will receive 0 points because
they will receive A-Main points. C – Main and lower - 5 points
for those who do not transfer past the C-Main.

Awards: All drivers are allowed 3 drops (best 9 out of 12 races). Any DQ related to illegal tires, engine, fuel or unsportsmanlike conduct are not allowed to be used as a drop. Driver must attempt to compete in 50% of the scheduled club races. With the exception of the class champion, there will be no tie breakers. The tie breaker for class champion will be based on number of A-Main wins. If there is still a tie, it will be based on second place finishes.

At the end of the season, participants can purchase the required number of races to be eligible for end of the year award. No points will be added to their season total.

Club Member Race Day Duties:
KQMC has a mandatory volunteer system. This is the minimum requirement and more help is often needed for a race day to run smoothly.

Race Day Opportunities: One handler or designated substitute in each family shall participate in at least two volunteer opportunities during the race day to compete for points and track championship. They may include pit steward, race director, flagman, concessions, scoring or other tower duties, track opening & closing, and restroom duties. If a family does not fulfill their requirements, they will not receive sign in points and also be forced to start at the tail of one feature event during the next race day.

* All racing rules, except those noted in this format, are per current USAC and Midwest Thunder rules. For a more specific explanation of rules and scoring procedures, please see the USAC rulebook and/or our detailed description of KQMC Race Day Format.