Race Day Jobs


  • KQMC has a “mandatory” volunteer system.
  • One handler, or designated substitute, in each family shall participate in two volunteer
    activities during the race day.
  • They include Pit Steward, Chief Steward, Flagman, Announcing, Concessions, Scoring or
    other tower duties.
  • Each family must sign up for these volunteer positions before you will be allowed to pill draw.
  • If a family does not fulfill their volunteer requirements they will lose heat race points, and also be forced to start on the tail of one feature event during the next race day.
  • The sign up list will be maintained in the tower and a copy will be placed track side.
  • You must check in to insure that you will get credit for your work. This is a minimum requirement and more help is often needed.
  • The above provisions will qualify all of the handler’s drivers in all of their classes for their points.

Since Rookies do not run for points, rookie only families will be asked to shadow at least 2 jobs throughout the day to learn the volunteer positions.


  • Each KQMC family will be required to participate in race day opening/closing duties.
  • The number of assignments per family will be based upon the number of members and number
    of race days. A total of 2 to 3 families will be scheduled on each race day.
  • At the beginning of the season the KQMC vice president will make available a sign up sheet that will allow each family a chance to sign up for both a close down day and opening day. If the list does not fill up, the vice president will appoint families to the tasks so that each family is rotated through the schedule.
  • The process includes stocking car numbers, setting and removal of fire extinguishers from the race track, placement and removal of flags and setting out trash cans in public areas, emptying of all trash containers.
  • You are responsible for finding a replacement if you are unable to fulfill this job for any reason.
  • If you do not complete this task, your driver will be penalized 10 points or $10 for each event day missed.
  • The club vice president will advise you of this action by the following race weekend.



  • One family each week will be placed in the duty of open, closing, and cleaning the restrooms for each racing event.
  • This schedule will be built by the club vice president and will rotate through each family.
  • You are responsible for finding a replacement if you are unable to fulfill this job for any reason.
  • If you do not complete this task you will be penalized 10 points for each weekend missed.
  • The club vice president will advise you of the action being taken at the following race weekend.


  • The handlers for the second car will be responsible for cornering the corresponding corner in their event. 
  • The flagger will not allow the cars to go green (practice or racing) until the far end is manned.
  • It is the handler’s responsibility to find a replacement if he/she is unable to corner.
  • Corner working is not part of the “mandatory volunteer” positions.



  • Car #3 will be responsible for scaling all cars in its class when coming off the race track. 

KQMC Board

President: John Hunt
Vice President: Ramon Cassis
Secretary: Felicia Hunt
Treasurer: Brandi Cassis

KQMC Board:
Brittany Garver
Brent Osborn
Ben Stafford
Greg Jones
Shane Trueblood

Tech Director:
Rookie Director: